ICS I-100 Compliance Certification

This course may be a stand-a-lone learning course or it may be used as part of a “Blended” course. (Blended meaning this course addresses the theory and your boss, company, or organization, may wish to also conduct a portion of this training in a classroom / boardroom setting) Having your workers complete this online course can save considerable time in a formal workplace.

This course may also be used as an excellent review for anyone planning on taking further training and advanced ICS courses.

As you can see, there are several options with regards to how you may decide you can get the best use from this thorough online ICS I-100 Introductory Course.


Short Quiz and Certificate upon successful completion (70%)


This is a good and thorough course, and we would be pleased to have you as one of our customers for this program … HOWEVER, we would also like to suggest that before you pay for this course that you first check to see if it will be accepted by your supervisor, company or agency contract manager. We certainly don’t want anyone making a purchase that may not be the right “fit” for them.


If you are not quite successful with the Exam, for your convenience, you can go back to and try again. Or – you may wish to read the material over again first which is recommended. Good luck. There is no extra charge to retake the exam. You will have several chances at the exam which should be very adequate as this is a refresher course. You will not have to pay an extra fee.


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