S100A & 2015 WHMIS/GHS Compliance Certification

This online safety refresher course is designed for those people who currently possess a valid, S-100 Fire Fighting Certificate OR a valid S-100a / 10a Annual Refresher Card. Some folks may be more familiar with calling this the 10a refresher course. It is the same course.

This comprehensive WHMIS Online Certification program has been developed to meet and exceed standards set forth in the Hazardous Products Act for the training of persons who manufacture, work with or are ‘in proximity to’ hazardous materials in the workplace.


This course is intended to provide you with a meaningful review of the pertinent safety features of the British Columbia’s Wildland Fire Management Service’s S-100 Program. You must have previously completed the approved, S-100 Basic Fire Suppression & Safety Course, therefore all the material presented here is just review.

This 2015 WHMIS / GHS (Global Harmonized System) course is the latest version of WHMS as mandated in Canada.


This is the Bundle Package for the S100A & WHMIS/GHS Courses. Once you have completed the S100A, simply return to your MY ACCOUNT - COURSE PAGE to start your WHMIS/GHS course. After you complete the S100A, you do NOT HAVE TO RETURN to complete your WHMIS/GHS immediately. You may take a break, log out, come back in a few days.


If you are not quite successful with the Exam, for your convenience, you can go back to and try again. Or – you may wish to read the material over again first which is recommended. Good luck. There is no extra charge to retake the exam. You will have several chances at the exam which should be very adequate as this is a refresher course. You will not have to pay an extra fee.


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